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International Kodak Competition
In 1931, Maud was one of several judges for Canada of the International Kodak Company Competition. The panel of judges consisted of Wylie Grier, Colonel Gagnon, Canon Cody, Judge Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, and Montgomery. Montgomery described in her journal how she persuaded the group to accept as first choice a photograph she admired of a prospector. She was thrilled by this victory and also by the gift given to each of the judges: a new Kodak color motion picture camera and "reproducer." She lamented that her boys were then grown (Chester was 19 and Stuart was 16) but she thoroughly enjoyed making her own movies (SJ,IV,151-52).
photo of Kodak Competition Judges
ALERT: These home movies have disappeared. It may be that they will yet turn up in someone's attic. The films would disintegrate from the outside in and so the core could possibly still be salvageable.

Photography and Travel
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