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Sample Images of Her Travels: Wedding and Honeymoon

Maud's and Ewan's wedding was a small affair held in the parlor of her Aunt Annie and Uncle John Campbell's farmhouse in Park Corner, Prince Edward Island. She came down the stairs on her uncle's arm, listened to the old organ playing "The Voice that Breathed O'er Eden," and at noon was married in front of the old mantel. Her dress was beautifully understated, with elegant beadwork, and it is strange that amid so many photographs and mementos, there is no picture of Montgomery in her wedding gown. The wedding feast was prepared by Frederica Campbell, who was taking a two-year course at Macdonald College in Montreal in Household Science. Maud was paying for Frede's studies, and one wonders if Frede helped Maud to select shops in Montreal and Toronto where Maud could order some of the dresses for her trousseau (see Wedding Clothes).

photo of Campbell home, Park Corner
The house in Park Corner.
You can view present day video of the stairway and parlor where the event took place.
(RealMedia Player required. Download plugin.)

Some of the most colorful and interesting pages in the scrapbooks document the honeymoon through Scotland and England (see Ontario Scrapbook pages 34, 36, 45, 55). This trip was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Maud to see in person the literary landscapes she had known and loved since childhood. She also got to meet her Scottish pen-pal George Boyd MacMillan, with whom she had already corresponded for eight years. In an Alloa Journal article describing her visit, MacMillan commented on her picture taking and on the haunts she is most determined to visit: "As a great admirer of Scott, Burns, and Barrie, Miss Montgomery has made a point of visiting the places connected with the more notable works of these writers, and has derived great pleasure from doing so."


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