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Sample Images of Her Travels: Wedding and Honeymoon

map highlighting places Montgomery visited on her honeymoon and pressed flowers pressed flowers map highlighting places Montgomery visited on her honeymoon map highlighting places Montgomery visited on her honeymoon

photos of places Montgomery visited in Scotland and England

They sailed on the Megantic from Montreal. In Scotland she gathered flowers and took photographs, going to such places as Sir Walter Scott's home, the battleground at Culloden, and Fingal's Cave; in England she visited the Lake District of Dorothy and William Wordsworth and Coleridge, taking several photographs in the famous stone circle at Keswick; she saw the Brontë's parsonage in Haworth and their moors; she saw Shakespeare's Stratford and bought a post card of Ann Hathaway's cottage; she saw London and thought of Thackeray's Becky Sharpe when they stayed in the Russell Hotel; and for her, one of the delights of the trip was a visit to the birthplace of her grandmother Macneill, the old Woolner farm in Dunwich where she took many photographs and gathered flowers from the old garden.

postcards of the Megantic and the Adriatic

They sailed to New York on the Adriatic and returned by train to their new home in Leaskdale, Ontario. When she had time to catch her breath, she wrote up her diary from the notes she had made on her trip and began pasting souvenirs in her scrapbook - probably at Christmas of that year, since it is Christmas ribbon that is tied around the fragment of her wedding bouquet and some of the dried flowers from her trip.

The wedding and the whole honeymoon trip are worth reading in full in her published diary (SJ,II,64-80).

Photography and Travel
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