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montage of scrapbook Sample Souvenir items

The scrapbooks, especially the earliest ones, are filled with pressed flowers and all kinds of memorabilia. There are pages of items from Maud's last days of school as well as of her days at Prince of Wales College, arranged out of chronological order and illustrated with gorgeous flowers and cut-outs. One whole page in the first scrapbook is devoted to cards with pressed flowers and other souvenirs. She preserved playbills and write-ups of entertainment from her Dalhousie University days or her records of her early teaching such as the schedule she used for her year of teaching at her first post in Bideford, Prince Edward Island.

Many of the early souvenirs are light hearted; some of the jokes are so private and obscure that Montgomery herself could not remember them when she looked over the scrapbooks years later. Some of the souvenirs tell very directly of her interests, as with the clippings about Frederica Campbell at Macdonald College, registered in the first two-year Household Science course, thanks to Maud's generosity following the publication of Anne of Green Gables. Some of the souvenirs are explained by the journals and some can only be understood by consulting something as private as the unpublished comic diary Maud and the Cavendish school teacher Nora Lefurgey kept while Nora boarded with the Macneills for the first six months of 1903.

entertainment playbillscrapbook page devoted to cards with pressed flowersclipping about Frederica Campbell at Macdonald College

In all, the scrapbooks enlarge our understanding of how Montgomery played with images and memories and captured life in colorful fragments. Sometimes they even tell stories the journals do not.

Souvenirs and Secrets
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