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Boston Literary Society

newspaper clippings about celebrations of Canadian writersWhen L.C. Page, Montgomery's first publisher, invited her to Boston for November 1910, he was inviting her to meet a rich literary world that admired her work. As the guest of the wealthy Pages, she was introduced to the Boston Authors' Club, the Canadian Club, and the Intercolonial Club. She stood in the receiving line for the three hundred people attending the 25th anniversary of the New England Women's Press Association. She met and was entertained by the famous Island-born Boston resident, author Basil King, with whom she would share celebrations of Canadian writers a decade later in Toronto. She met Colonel Thomas Wentworth Higginson, "sole survivor of the Longfellow-Whittier-Emerson set" (SJ,II,33), (see Photography and Travels) known to many readers now as the man who recommended that Emily Dickinson not publish the poetry she sent him. Montgomery was written up in numerous newspapers while in Boston; one said of her visit: "'It is a repetition of history--Charlotte Brontë coming up to London'" (SJ,II,30). How strange that Boston should become the scene of her lengthy law suit with Page, during which she was successfully advised by a lawyer from the American Authors' League.

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