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Rainbow Valley      

     Rainbow Valley (1919) The second of what can be viewed as Montgomery's war trilogy, this story deals with the childhood of Anne's and Gilbert's and the neighbors' children, the children who will grow up to be the soldiers and the workers of the First World War. The last of the novel was written just after peace was declared, and the budding poet Walter has a vision that will become the theme of his famous war poem in Montgomery's next novel. The first-edition cover shows a secondary adult character (Rosemary West) in the romantic woods of Rainbow Valley at sunset. The book is dedicated to three young Leaskdale soldiers: "To the memory of Goldwin Lapp, Robert Brookes and Morley Shier who made the supreme sacrifice that the happy valleys of their home land might be kept sacred from the ravage of the invader."
Rainbow Valley cover printed 1919  Rainbow Valley copyright 1923  Rainbow Valley cover printed 1926  Rainbow Valley cover printed 1926
Rainbow Valley cover printed 1963 Rainbow Valley cover printed 1989    

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