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The Road to Yesterday      

     The Road to Yesterday (1974) At her death Montgomery left unfinished yet another story involving Anne Blythe's family, The Blythes Are Quoted. The novel was really a collection of stories told by and about the Blythes and punctuated with poems. Thirty-two years after her death, L.M. Montgomery's younger son, Dr. Stuart Macdonald, published the book as a collection of short stories (without the poetry or connecting episodes). The name and cover of the collection are clearly nostalgic, with a drawing of Montgomery herself in a turn-of-the-century dress. There may be some sweet, simple tales here, but the first one involves a man who comes home from prison and the last one tells of the death of a supposedly colorless spinster, scorned and patronized by all around her, who recalls silently and triumphantly on her deathbed her passionate love affair with a titled painter, the life of her illegitimate daughter adopted by others, and her undetected murder of her grown daughter's abusive husband.
The Road to Yesterday cover printed 1974

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