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montage of people who worked on this Virtual ExhibitionNOTE: Credits includes Permissions (see also Copyright Section), Listing of Partnership Institutions, Acknowledgments and Special Thanks, and Works Cited

The Confederation Centre Art Gallery, lead partner for the virtual exhibition "Picturing a Canadian Life: L.M. Montgomery's Personal Scrapbooks and Book Covers," gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this on-line presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada and for the Japanese language version done in celebration of Expo 2005, in Aichi, Japan.


"L.M. Montgomery," "L.M. Montgomery's signature and cat design," "Emily," "Emily of New Moon," "The Blue Castle," and other names and images created by L.M. Montgomery are trademarks of Heirs of L.M. Montgomery Inc. and are used under licence.

"Anne of Green Gables" and other Images of "Anne" are trademarks and Canadian official marks of the Anne of Green Gables Licensing Authority Inc., which is owned by David Macdonald, trustee, and Ruth Macdonald and the Province of Prince Edward Island, and are used under licence.

Material created by L.M. Montgomery is reproduced in this virtual exhibition with permission from David Macdonald, trustee, and Ruth Macdonald.

Information about permissions and copyright may be mailed to the heirs of L.M. Montgomery care of Marian Hebb, 179 John Street, Suite 404, Toronto, ON, M5T 1X4, Canada

Permission was provided by the Confederation Centre Art Gallery for inclusion of digital images and scanning (prepared by project staff) of the PEI scrapbooks and other artefacts in the institution's collection.

Digital images of the Ontario L.M. Montgomery scrapbooks and photographs from the L.M. Montgomery Collection were provided with permission to include in the website by the University of Guelph Library. Permission to use passages from the unpublished diary (typescript) diary that Maud Montgomery and Nora Lefurgey kept in the winter of 1903 was also given to the project group "Picturing a Canadian Life: L.M. Montgomery's Personal Scrapbooks and Book Covers," by the copyright holder, the University of Guelph. Permission was granted courtesy of the L.M. Montgomery Collection, Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph Library.

The National Library of Canada provided all digital images of book covers for use in the virtual exhibition. Copyright in artistic work for all images was pursued through contact with the rights holders, including publishers and illustrators or estate of illustrator, wherever possible. Every attempt has been made to contact all the rights holders for the artistic material contained in this on-line presentation.

The exhibition includes digital images and content from the award-winning CD-ROM The Bend in the Road produced by the L. M. Montgomery Institute. Additional items for the exhibition were also provided such as digital images of artefacts and photographs. Research was provided by staff at the L.M.Montgomery Institute--Elizabeth DeBlois and Heather Ludlow-and by Elizabeth Rollins Epperly, founder of the Institute and curator of this exhibition.

In addition to the permissions granted by David Macdonald, trustee, and Ruth Macdonald, the Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace permissions agreement covers the digitizing of all of the unpublished, personal scrapbook pages belonging to the Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace. Permission extends to use some individual digital images from personal scrapbook pages that may or may not appear in their entirety in the exhibition.

Elizabeth Mawson, Elizabeth Epperly, and Ellen Morrison provided permission for the broadcast of their voices, originally recorded for The Bend in the Road, a CD-ROM produced by the L.M. Montgomery Institute in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. In addition, video of Dr. Jenny Litster was also recorded, with her permission, for broadcast on the web site.

Excerpts from The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery, Volumes I, II, III, and IV ©1985, 1987, 1992 and 1998, University of Guelph, edited by Mary Rubio and Elizabeth Waterston, and published by Oxford University Press of Canada, are reproduced with the permission of Mary Rubio, Elizabeth Waterston, and the University of Guelph, courtesy of the L.M. Montgomery Collection, Archival and Special Collections, University of Guelph Library.

Fitzhenry & Whiteside provided permission to quote from L.M Montgomery's text that appears in its 1975 edition of Montgomery's The Alpine Path.

Mailing Address for Lead Partner:
Confederation Centre Art Gallery 145 Richmond Street Charlottetown, PE C1A 1J1

Partnership for this Exhibition

Canadian Heritage Information Network and
Jon L. Tupper, Confederation Centre Art Gallery (Lead Partner)
Francis W.P. Bolger, Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace
Roch Carrier, National Library of Canada
Elizabeth R. Epperly, L.M. Montgomery Institute, University of Prince Edward Island
H. Wade MacLauchlan, President, University of Prince Edward Island
Michael Ridley, McLaughlin Library, University of Guelph

Partnership Committee:

Jon L. Tupper, Confederation Centre Art Gallery
Elizabeth R. Epperly, Curator / L.M. Montgomery Institute
Kevin Rice, Confederation Centre Art Gallery
Lorne Bruce, McLaughlin Library, University of Guelph
Gillian Sullivan, Digital Library of Canada Task Force, National Library of Canada
Mike Cochrane, Confederation Centre of the Arts Information Systems
Francis W.P. Bolger, Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace

Project Staff:

Laurie Murphy, Project Co-ordinator
Laura Powell and Peter Morrison, Virtual Art Inc., Web Designers / Developers
Charles Tassell, Virtual Art Inc., Database Programmer
Heather Ludlow, Data Wrangler / Researcher
Monique Lafontaine, Translator (French)
Tracey Allen, Online Marketer

Partner Institutions and People

Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN):
Esther Rosenberg, VMC Investment Program Manager
Pierre Chalifour, VMC Investment Officer
Sheila Carey, Heather Dunn, and Claire Foreman, Artefacts Canada
Kim Gauvin

Confederation Centre Art Gallery:
Jon L. Tupper, Art Gallery Director
Laurie Murphy, Virtual Museum of Canada Partnership Project Coordinator
Kevin Rice, Art Gallery Registrar
Shauna McCabe, Curator
Ben Kinder, Preparator
Judy Simpson, Art Gallery Administrative Assistant
Debbie Muttart, Art Gallery Receptionist
Lori Devine, Publications

Confederation Centre of the Arts:
David MacKenzie, CEO Confederation Centre of the Arts
Kim Ladner, Director of Finance
Mike Cochrane, Information Systems Manager
Katherine McMillan, Director of Marketing
Dustin Sorenson, Information Systems Webmaster
James Aylward, Director of Facility Rentals
Lena Gallant, Accounts Payable
Teri Hillstrom, Graphic Designer
Lorrie Jollimore, Confederation Centre Website Developer
Monique Lafontaine, Director of French Programming
Anna MacDonald, Publicist
Duncan McIntosh, Artistic Director of The Charlottetown Festival
Janet Marshall, Marketing Associate
Vince Prosper, Information Systems User Services
Eric Frenette, Catering
Jerry Heartz, Property

National Library of Canada:
Roch Carrier, National Librarian
Karen McGrath, Development Officer, Office of the National Librarian /Agent
Susan Haigh, Manager, Program Development, Digital Library of Canada Task Force
Gillian Sullivan, Senior Project Manager, Digital Library of Canada Task Force
Morris Mason, Project Leader, Digital Library of Canada Task Force / Agent
Line Parent, Manager, Copyright Bureau, Digital Library of Canada Task Force
Gérard Dicks Pellerin and Jonathan Fortier, Scanning Technicians, Digital Library of Canada Task Force

McLaughlin Library, University of Guelph:
Lorne Bruce, Head, Archival and Special Collections
Ellen Morrison, Research Assistant, Archival and Special Collections
Linda Amichand, Library Associate, Archival and Special Collections
Michael Ridley, Chief Librarian
Dean Palmer, The Scenario
Kevin Eyre, Disktop Images

L.M. Montgomery Institute:
Elizabeth Epperly, Founder of L. M. Montgomery Institute
Elizabeth DeBlois, Executive Director
Heather Ludlow, VMC LMM Researcher / Data Wrangler
Jane Urquhart, International Advisory Board member

University of Prince Edward Island:
H.Wade MacLauchlan, President and Vice-Chancellor
Philip Smith, Dean of Arts
Phil Hooper, Comptroller
David Cairns, Director of Computer Services
Suzanne Copan, Director of Advancement Services
Simon Lloyd, Special Collections Librarian
Sheri McBride, Family and Nutritional Sciences
Lesley-Anne Bourne, English Professor
Richard Lemm, English Professor
Geoffrey Lindsay, Chair, English Professor

Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace:
Francis W.P. Bolger, Chairman, L.M. Montgomery Birthplace Trust
Viviane Fyfe, curator


Heirs of L. M. Montgomery Inc. and David Macdonald, trustee, Ruth Macdonald, and Kate
         Macdonald Butler, for their active encouragement of Montgomery studies
Marian Hebb and Sally Cohen, for their good advice and generous support
Ronald I. Cohen, for his extraordinarily knowledgeable and generous Montgomery collecting
Laura Powell and Peter Morrison, Virtual Art Inc. Web Designers / Web Developers, for their
         responsiveness, patience, and ingenuity
Laurie Murphy, for co-ordinating this large enterprise so creatively, positively, and tactfully
Jennie and John Macneill, Site of L.M. Montgomery's Cavendish Home, for their genuine
        devotion to Montgomery studies, for use of photographs, and for supplying so generously
        innumerable details about Cavendish, Montgomery, and the Macneills
George and Maureen Campbell, Park Corner Museum, for supporting Montgomery
         research with true Campbell hospitality, for use of images, for allowing us to tape the
         playing of the organ
Francis W. P. Bolger, for his deep appreciation of Montgomery and for helping to change the
         course of Montgomery studies with his scholarship
Mary Henley Rubio and Elizabeth Hillman Waterston for the fine and balanced Montgomery
         scholarship they offer and inspire
Jane Urquhart, Governor General's Award-winning novelist, for her passionate interest in
         Montgomery and the scrapbooks
Support from Smart Communities projects through the L.M. Montgomery Institute and the
         Confederation Centre of the Arts

Special Thanks (individuals and organizations are listed in alphabetical order)

Gabriella Åhmansson, International Advisory Board of the L.M. Montgomery Institute
Bala Museum: Jack Hutton and Linda Jackson-Hutton
Boily Photo, Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace images
Pamela Campbel, for the use of her CD For The Love 'O Burns
Gweneth Branch-Rice, Bluefield High School (PEI, Canada) Teacher and her students
Kevin Brooks, computer programmer consultant (for his 3 dot research!)
Chesley and Shirley Clark, for information about the making of Montgomery's wedding dress
Nancy Clement, Full Circle Alternative School (PEI, Canada) Teacher and her students
Copyright holders, (rights holders, including publishers and illustrators) of Book Cover illustrations / artistic work
Joan Connell, Language Arts Consultant with PEI Government Department of Education
Jackie Cutcliffe and Gretha Rose, Cellar Door Productions
Lori Devine, for help with proofreading
Elizabeth Epperly for use of Marylee Griffith's 1895 scrapbook
Focus Group Participants: Judy Simpson, Mary Jane Maclean, Josette Gilbank, Paulette
        Soloman, Gweneth Branch-Rice, Simon Lloyd, Amanda Bell, Doreen Smith, Nina
Hiro Fujii and Heather Brooks - Japanese Translation
Josette Gilbank and her scrapbooking group
John Hopkins, digital camera training
Fred Horton - Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace postcard
Katimavik: Samuel Cook and Michelle Kania
Kindred Spirits, George Campbell, Maureen Campbell, and Ruth Hunter
Andrea Kunard, Photography Article
L.M. Montgomery Heritage Museum, Park Corner, PEI: Carolyn Collins, Merrill Montgomery,
         Robert Montgomery
Monique Lafontaine - French Translation
Eleanor Lamont, Somerset Elementary School (PEI, Canada) Teacher and her students
Rob Leclair, Moses Media
Jocelyne Lloyd, for help with proofreading
Simon Lloyd, for help with proofreading
Jan Mollison, antique scissors and glue pot
Ellen Morrison, McLaughlin Library, University of Guelph, for voice recordings and invaluable
        assistance with the Guelph scrapbooks
Multimedia Department, Government of Prince Edward Island: Irwin Campbell, Verna Lynne
        Weeks, Mark Lambe
Mie Muraoka, granddaughter of Hanako Muraoka, original Japanese translator of Montgomery
Laurie Murphy, digital camera operator (video and stills) for the project
NHK (Japanese Network, New York, NY): Sarah Oki and crew
Dean Palmer, The Scenario - 4 X 5 transparencies of the Ontario Scrapbooks
Parks Canada: Barb MacDonald
Louise Polland, for help with proofreading
Public Archives and Records Office of PEI: Marilyn Bell, Kevin MacDonald, Barb Morgan,
        Charlotte Stewart
Kevin Rice, for help with proofreading
Mary Rubio, for personal assistance with research questions
Lionel Stevenson, Camera Art Photography - 4 X 5 transparencies of the Prince Edward Island
University of Virginia: Board of Visitors, for use of INOTE 1998
Veterans Affairs Canada: Sheri Ostridge (Communications), Joyce Gaudet (Library)
Cindy Wood, Focus Group Facilitator
Yun-Suk and Shin-Woo, Students attending "Study Abroad Canada" school on PEI with English
        as a Second Language teacher Heather Brooks - Korean Translation

Works Cited

Note: Throughout the Web site, the following abbreviations have been used frequently:

MDMM for My Dear Mr. M.: Letters to G.B. MacMillan from L.M. Montgomery
SJ for The Selected Journals of L.M. Montgomery (volumes I, II, III, IV)

This works cited excludes Montgomery's works cited in the Book Covers section of this exhibition

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go to LM Montgomery Institute at UPEI Website go to University of Guelph Website go to Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace Website go to Virtual Museum of Canada Website go to Confederation Centre of the Arts Website go to National Library of Canada Website go to English Home Page go to French Homepage Dr. Elizabeth R. Epperly, curator. Photo: Laurie Murphy Laurie Murphy, Project Coordinator Kevin Rice, Vivian Macdonald (wife of one of Montgomery's grandsons), Sally Cohen (of the Heirs of L.M. Montgomery Inc.), curator Dr. Elizabeth Epperly, and Kate Macdonald Butler (L.M. Montgomery's granddaughter)--viewing the scrapbooks in the Confederation Centre Art Gallery and Museum resource room. Photo: Laurie Murphy Laura Powell, Virtual Art Inc. and Dr. Elizabeth R. Epperly, curator. Photo: Laurie Murphy In March, 1999, Ronald I. Cohen donated over 300 editions of Montgomery's works to the National Library of Canada.
Photo: The National Library of Canada Kevin Rice, Gallery Registrar/Curatorial Manager. 
Photo: Lorrie Jollimore Heather Ludlow, Researcher/Data Wrangler.
Photo: Laura Powell Monique Lafontaine, French Programming. 
Photo: Lorrie Jollimore Jon Tupper, Gallery Director. 
Photo: Lorrie Jollimore Peter Morrison, Virtual Art Inc.
Photo: Laura Powell