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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I navigate the site?

A. This site is laid out with six main sections and many sub-sections. There is always a menu of the main sections at the top of the page unless you are in a popup window. This menu has drop drop down boxes with links to the main subsections of the site. If you are in a popup window, simply click on the "close window" link or click the x in the top right corner of most browsers to return to the main site. Site sub-sections have text menus at the bottom of the page to navigate within that section and, as always, the menu for the main site sections and sub-sections is at the top of the page. You can also access the Site Index from all pages except popup windows.

Q. How do I view items in the database?

A. There is an extensive database included in the site and it can be accessed in several ways.

Searches: There is a keyword search that searches the Website pages as well as the information in the database. There is also an advanced search which searches the information in the database only. These searches will return a list of matching items and a link to each of the returns. Once you choose a link and click you will either go to a page of the Website or a page showing the database information about that item. From this information page you can view the image in a "zooming architecture" format which allows you to calibrate your browser resolution to view the item at actual size as well as to zoom in or out by percent. If your browser does not support the "zooming architecture" feature you can go to an enlarged photo of the item. (View known problems with "zooming architecture" applet.)

Links: Most images on the website are linked to the database. Simply click on an item and you will go to a page with information about the item. Here you will be presented with the same image choices as when you access the database by the quick search feature (see above). Many pages feature montages which include several items. Clicking on individual items that make up the montages will take to the database information and enlarged image for that item.

Q. How do I find out information about the images?

A. Simply click on an image to go to the information from our database. (See Links section of previous question.)

Q. Calibration: what is that?

A. The "zooming architecture" feature in our database lets you "calibrate" your monitor so you can view the images at actual size. This is done by a Java Applet which uses a ruler to adjust the image relative to your monitor resolution so what you see appears the same size as it is in real life.

Q. How do I adjust my screen so that the site fits best?

A. If the site appears cropped so you have to scroll sideways to see the page you are likely at 640x480 resolution, which means that your screen is displaying only 640 by 480 pixels (or dots). To view the site at optimum screen resolution all you have to do is change this setting to 800x600, which you can do by following these steps:

With your mouse, right-click on your background. Select Properties from the pop-up menu. Select the top tab marked Settings. Drag the slider in the Screen area setting to 800x600. (While there, you may wish to ensure that your Colors setting at the left is True color or High color for the best colour definition.) Click the Okay button. You may be asked to reboot: if not, you should at least close and restart your browser. We recommend you bookmark this site before performing the previous step.

Q. Does it matter what kind of computer or brower and version that I have?

For the best viewing experience a fast computer with a high speed connection is optimum. However, virtually all viewers can access the site, but not all will be able to see some of the "bells and whistles". This is why we offer Flash and Shockwave portions of the site as altrenatives so users who are unable to view them will still see all the same information. The same is true with the database. Those who can't access the "zooming architecture" can still view enlarged images. The RealMedia contained on the site is best viewed at high speed, but again, all the information in the video is also contained in the information on the site and in the database so you don't miss out. The site will work on a wide variety of browsers and "alt tags" are used throughout the site so viewers who are not seeing images can read at a glance what is on the page. Internet Explorer works best overall with Netscape a close second. Many people forget to download a new browser from time to time, so if you haven't updated your browser in the past year this may be a good time to do so.

Q. How do I download RealPlayer for free?

A. Go to the RealPlayer website. In the top right had corner click on the "FREE RealOne Player" link. This will take you to the download page. In the bottom right hand corner of the page click on "Download the Free RealOne Player Only". From here you will be instructed on how to download the player. The links to get to the free player often change on the RealPlayer site so if you don't see them where they are described above just search the page carefully to find the link.

Q. How many pages are on this site?

A. There are approximately 175 pages on the site so be sure to bookmark it because you aren't likely to see everything in one visit.

Q. How many words are on this site?

A. This website feature a 40,000 word script, written by curator and international Montgomery scholar, Dr. Elizabeth Rollins Epperly.

Q. How many images are on this site?

There are over 800 images on the site. Most images on the site are linked to our database. Clicking on an image will bring up information on the item as well as a link to view the image at a larger size or actual size. Many images are featured in montages on the website pages, but clicking on individual items that make up the montages will take you to the database information and an enlarged image for that item.

Q. Am I allowed to download images from the site?

A. No. The images on this site are used with permission of the owners. All images are embedded with a watermark tracking symbol (Digimarc); images are not for use by any party outside of the Virtual Museum of Canada Partnership for "Picturing a Canadian Life: L.M. Montgomery's Personal Scrapbooks and Book Covers". Please view our Copyright page for more information.

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