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Choose a topic that interests you and collect clippings, mementos, photographs dedicated to that theme. You might be interested in the work of an up and coming painter, poet, or filmmaker. You might want to compile images and writings about a particular country or a topical event. Or, you might want to create a scrapbook from your lifelong love of songbirds. It's up to you!

Go online to search from among hundreds of Websites dedicated to scrapbooking. For some, scrapbooking is more of a science than an art!

People come together on a regular basis to share their scrapbooking ideas and materials with one another. There are scrapbooking groups right across Canada and beyond. Sort of like a quilting bee but with glue, scissors, and paper rather than fabric, thread and needles.

Whether the scrapbooker is using images and mementos to create a personal keepsake for herself or himself, or whether s/he is making it as a gift for someone else, the scrapbook is as unique as its maker.

Scrapbooks can be effective tools of an artist's trade. Collecting images from magazines or newspapers that an artist finds intriguing or beautiful from a design perspective is the first step. Pasting them into a scrapbook provides the artist with a visual reference that may, in turn, then inspire that artist to create her or his own artwork.

What to give the person who has everything? A scrapbook that you've created. Or, give them the tools and materials so that s/he can make her or his own scrapbook.

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