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History of Scrapbook Keeping

Originally, an unmounted photograph was called a "scrap" and so albums that contained unmounted "scraps" eventually came to be known as scrapbooks. In a sense, scrapbooking is almost as old as photography itself (See the Early Photography and Later section and Andrea Kunard's History of Photography--both under Collecting and Creating Images). Family photograph albums were very popular in Victorian times. Creative photograph keepers also decorated their photograph pages with cuttings from magazines; really creative collectors assembled and displayed images of all sorts--mixing photographs with personal memorabilia.

Contemporary scrapbooking is an old idea with a new twist. Traditionally, scrapbookers used some glue and photo corners and a few treasured pictures. Today, however, scrapbookers have an endless supply of products they can use to create beautiful pages that tell the story of their lives. Despite the "crafty" angle to scrapbooking, photo-safety is key, for everything that comes in contact with photos and memorabilia must be of archival quality, so photos won't fade, yellow and crack with time.

Scrapbooking as we know it today began in the United States about fifteen years ago, by two women who founded Creative Memories, a direct sales business that has become an international success and spawned a huge industry, with thousands of different companies catering to this hobby.

Scrapbooking slowly made its way to PEI. By the late 1990's only a few people were into it, as supplies were hard to find. In the fall of 1997, however, a home-based scrapbooking business opened in Charlottetown. The owner, Jackie Cutcliffe, had started scrapbooking after the birth of her first child, but was getting supplies from her sister-in-law in California. Frustrated by the inconvenience of this process, and encouraged by friends who wanted to get into it too, she started her own company, becoming a scrapbooking supplier and consultant. And, after a slow start, scrapbooking took off on PEI. Since then, other independent consultants have set up shop, and countless Island scrapbookers have become addicted to this exciting hobby.

View video of a Charlottetown Scrapbookers Club. (high speed users) download RealMedia Player

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