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Montgomery's Contemporaries


Canadian Prime Ministers During Montgomery's Life

1867-73; 1878-1891 John Alexander Macdonald
1873-1878 Alexander MacKenzie
1891-1892 John Joseph Caldwell Abbott
1892-1894 John Sparrow David Thompson
1894-1896 MacKenzie Bowell
05.01.1896 - 07.08.1896 Charles Tupper
1896-1911 Wilfrid Laurier
1911-1920 Robert Laird Borden
1920-1921; 06.29.1926 - 9.24.1926 Arthur Meighen
1921-1926; 1926-1930; 1935-1948 William Lyon (W.L.) Mackenzie King
1930-1935 Richard Bedford Bennett

British Monarchs

1837-1901 Queen Victoria
1901-1910 Edward VII
1910-1936 George V
Jan.-Dec. 1936 Edward VIII
1936-1952 George VI

British Prime Ministers

1874-80 Benjamin Disraeli
1880-85 William Ewart Gladstone
1885-86 Robert Arthur Talbot-Gascoyne-Cecil Salisbury
1886 Gladstone
1886-92 Salisbury
1892-94 Gladstone
1894-95 Archibald Philip-Primrose Rosebery
1895-1901 Salisbury
1902-05 Arthur James Balfour
1905-08 Henry Campbell-Bannerma
1908-16 Herbert Henry Asquith
1916-22 David Lloyd George
1922-23 Andrew Bonar Law
1923-24 Stanley Baldwin
1924 James Ramsey MacDonald
1924-29 Baldwin
1929-35 MacDonald
1935-37 Baldwin
1937-40 Neville Chamberlain
1940-45 Winston Churchill

American Presidents

1869-77 Ulysses S. Grant
1877-81 Rutherford B. Hayes
1881 James Garfield
1881-85 Chester Arthur
1885-89; 1893-97 Grover Cleveland
1889-93 Benjamin Harrison
1897-1901 William McKinley
1901-09 Theodore Roosevelt
1909-13 William Howard Taft
1913-21 Woodrow Wilson
1921-23 Warren G. Harding
1923-29 Calvin Coolidge
1929-33 Herbert Hoover
1933-45 Franklin D. Roosevelt


1887 Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria
1899-1902 Boer War in South Africa
1901 Queen Victoria dies
1912 Titanic sinks
1914-18 First World War (for the U.S.A., 1916-18)
1917 Lenin leads the Bolsheviks to power
1919 Canadian National Railways Incorporated
Lady Astor is the first woman elected to British Parliament
1919 Treaty of Versailles
First Canadian female elected MP: Agnes Macphail
1922 Insulin applied to humans with success
Mussolini takes over Italy, which becomes fascist
1925 Scopes on trial in U.S.A. for teaching evolution in the classroom
1927 Charles Lindbergh's solo flight across the Atlantic
1927 Stalin consolidates power in Russia
1929 The Persons Case: women declared to be persons and eligible to be appointed to Senate (Canadian/British)
1929-39 Depression, almost world-wide
1933 Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
1934 Dionne quintuplets born in Ontario
1936-39 Spanish Civil War
1937 Amelia Earhart disappears over the Pacific
1939 Britain and France declare war on Germany, Second World War begins
1941 Pearl Harbor attacked and the U.S.A. enters the Second World War


1876 Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone
1877 Thomas A. Edison invents the gramophone and phonograph
1879 Edison (and simultaneously Sir Joseph Swan) invent the lightbulb
1884 Lewis A. Waterman creates the fountain pen
1886 John S. Pemberton makes Coca-Cola
1888 George Eastman creates the Kodak camera
1890 Whitcomb L. Judson invents what is later called the zipper
1893 Edison creates the modern movie
1895 X-rays developed by Wilhelm Roentgen
1898 Typewriter by Christopher Latham Sholes
1900 Paper clip is patented
1901 Marconi's first wireless transatlantic message is received in St. John's, NF
1903 Airplane invented by Orville and Wilbur Wright
1908 Henry Ford's assembly-line production of the Model T automobile
1911 General Electric mass produces a refrigerator invented by a French monk
1915 Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity
1921 Insulin: Dr. Frederick Banting, Charles Best, J.J.R. Macleod
1926 Warner Brothers Pictures uses sound synchronization in their movies
1927 Philo T. Farnsworth invents the television
1932 Electron microscope (1932-39) by Vladimir Zworykin
1936 Heinrich Focke invents the helicopter
1937 Chester F. Carlson patents xerography


Canadian (alphabetical order)

Morley Callaghan
Bliss Carman
Ralph Connor
Isabella Valancy Crawford
Frederick Philip Grove
Pauline Johnson (Tekahionwake)
Stephen Leacock
Nellie McClung
Marjorie Pickthall
E.J. Pratt
Sir Charles G.D. Roberts
Mazo de la Roche
Robert Service

British (alphabetical order)

J.M. Barrie
Frances Hodgson Burnett
Agatha Christie
Joseph Conrad
Arthur Conan Doyle
T.S. Eliot
Kenneth Grahame
Thomas Hardy
James Joyce
Rudyard Kipling
D.H. Lawrence
Alice Meynell
George Bernard Shaw
Robert Louis Stevenson
Oscar Wilde
Virginia Woolf

American (alphabetical order)

Louisa May Alcott
Frank L. Baum
Willa Cather
Kate Chopin
Theodore Dreiser
William Faulkner
Ernest Hemingway
Henry James
Jack London
Alice Hegan Rice
Mark Twain
Edith Wharton
Kate Douglas Wiggin

name Queen Victoria
name Sir John A. Macdonald
name Mark Twain
name Virginia Woolf
name Sir Winston Churchill
name Nellie McClung
name Sir Charles G.D. Roberts
name Isabella Valancy Crawford

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