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List of Libraries and Archives

Robertson Library, U.P.E.I.

The Prince Edward Island Collection at the University of Prince Edward Island's Robertson Library is an essential resource for anyone wishing to learn more about L.M. Montgomery's beloved home. The Robertson Library holds at least one copy of all of L.M. Montgomery's publications, along with a generous selection of scholarly and popular literature discussing her life and work. Most of the materials are to be found in the Prince Edward Island Collection and you may search the collection's holdings using the Robertson Library's on-line catalogue.

Although manuscripts and other unpublished documents are not normally acquired for the Prince Edward Island Collection, a number of letters written by Montgomery to her close friend Penzie Macneill during her late childhood and adolescence were donated to the Robertson Library some years ago by UPEI faculty member and internationally-acclaimed Island historian F.W.P. Bolger. Reproductions of these letters are available for examination by the public, but the originals may be viewed only by special arrangement with the P.E.I. Collection Librarian. The Robertson Library also houses a selection of Montgomery's works in the Anita Webb Collection and the Macdonald Collection, which include a number of first editions and presentation copies inscribed and annotated by the author herself. These collections are owned by the L.M. Montgomery Institute and may only be accessed by arrangement with the Institute.

Prince Edward Island Collection Librarian
Robertson Library, University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 4P3
Telephone: (902) 566-0536
Fax: (902) 628-4305

L.M. Montgomery Institute, U.P.E.I.

Launched in 1993 at the University of Prince Edward Island, the L.M. Montgomery Institute promotes the study and informed celebration of the life, works, culture, and influence of the internationally acclaimed Canadian author. The L.M. Montgomery Institute owns two collections important to the study of Montgomery.

The Anita Webb Collection was donated to the Institute in 1996 from the estate of Anita Webb. Most of the twenty-two books in the collection were owned and inscribed by Montgomery and given to Anita after Montgomery's death in 1942. The collection contains early American, British, and Canadian editions of Montgomery's work including a copy of Kilmeny of the Orchard inscribed to His Excellency Earl Grey, a copy of Further Chronicles of Avonlea annotated by Montgomery, and a copy of The Watchman and Other Poems.

The Macdonald Collection was donated by David and Catherine Macdonald in 2002. All but one of the eighteen books in the collection are signed and, in most cases, inscribed by Montgomery to her son Chester Cameron Macdonald (David and Catherine Macdonald's father). The collection primarily consists of American editions published by Page and Stokes as well as two leather-bound author's editions.

Other items in the Institute's collection include various editions of Montgomery's novels, scholarly books and journals, two letters written by Montgomery in the 1930s, a handwritten Prince of Wales College class list that includes Montgomery's name, and a pair of pyjamas worn by Chester Cameron Macdonald at age 12 while attending St. Andrew's, also donated by David Macdonald. The Institute recently acquired a rare double-stamped and double-inscribed edition of The Watchman and Other Poems with a generous donation from Fred Hyndman.

L.M. Montgomery Institute
University of Prince Edward Island
550 University Avenue
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 4P3
Telephone: (902) 628-4346
Fax: (902) 628-4345

McLaughlin Library, University of Guelph

The L.M. Montgomery Collection, located in the Archival and Special Collections section at the University of Guelph, contains journals, scrapbooks, publications, library, personal papers, and artifacts of L.M. Montgomery dating from 1850 to the present.

The journals consist of 10 legal-size volumes recording some two million words and copiously illustrated with photographs and other pictorial matter. There are four scrapbooks of newspaper clipping and other memorabilia collected by the author covering the years 1910-1936 and a fifth scrapbook of newspaper reviews of her books. With the exception of the unpublished volume of the journals, copies of these materials may now be consulted.

The L.M. Montgomery Collection also contains a collection of first and subsequent editions of Montgomery's works; Montgomery's private library; negatives of snapshots taken by Montgomery; ceramic and needlework pieces belonging to Montgomery including the Staffordshire pottery dogs, Gog and Magog, and the broken pieces of the "Dark Jug"; Maritime newspapers on microfilm from the period coinciding with Montgomery's life; and a set of presentation copies of Montgomery's works to G.B. MacMillan.

Archival and Special Collections
University of Guelph Library
Guelph, Ontario N1G 2W1
Telephone: (519)824-4120, ext. 3413
Fax: (519) 824-6931

National Library of Canada

The National Library of Canada is a federal cultural institution located in Ottawa whose main role is to acquire, preserve and promote Canadiana which is part of the published heritage of Canada for all Canadians, both now and in the years to come. The National Library holds the most comprehensive collection of Canadiana in the world--books, periodicals, sound recordings and other materials. With a few exceptions such as rare books, manuscripts, reference materials and most sound recordings, the National Library will arrange to lend material to any library in the country or in the world.

In addition to numerous editions and translations of Montgomery's works, the National Library of Canada also hosts the Ronald I. Cohen Lucy Maud Montgomery Collection, housed in the Rare Book Collection. The collection, which began with the question of where Anne of Green Gables was first published, has now grown to contain hundreds of rare and variant editions of Montgomery's work.

The National Library of Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N4
Telephone: (613) 995-9481

Confederation Centre Art Gallery

The Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942) Collection housed at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery & Museum, Charlottetown, is comprised of two major accessions: in 1967 nine novel manuscripts, 10 scrapbooks (containing clippings of published short stories, articles, poems from various magazines and newspapers, personal memorabilia and original photographs), a file of published articles, teacher's license, and personal effects (wedding dress, veil, and two pairs of shoes) were acquired from Dr. Stuart Macdonald; in 1978 an additional six novel manuscripts were donated by Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Martin, Ottawa. The scrapbooks and personal effects are exhibited at the Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace Museum, New London, PEI and are stored at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery and Museum when not on exhibition. Two letters written by Montgomery were acquired separately.

Confederation Centre Art Gallery
145 Richmond Street
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 1J1
Telephone: (902) 628-6111

Parks Canada

Prince Edward Island National Park was established in 1937 and now encompasses an area of just over 18 km² along a 40-km stretch of the north shore of P.E.I. Parks Canada holdings relevant to L.M. Montgomery include the original farmhouse known as "Green Gables," the cultural landscape including the Haunted Wood and Lover's Lane, a typewriter circa 1906 that belonged to Montgomery, a collection of first and early-edition novels, an original copy of the lyrics and music for the "Island Hymn," original letters from Montgomery to several fans, and original portraits and photos of Montgomery and her family.

Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada
2 Palmers Lane
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 5V6
Telephone: (902) 672-6350
Fax: (902) 672-6370

Prince Edward Island Public Archives and Records Office

The Public Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island (PARO) acquires, preserves, and makes available for public research the records of the government of this province and private-sector papers and records deemed to be of lasting historical value. As well as textual materials such as correspondence files, journals, and newspapers, the holdings are rich in materials in other formats and media such as photographs, maps, architectural drawings, film, and sound recordings. The Archives provides service to students, historians, genealogists, government officials and interested members of the public.

Accessions pertaining to L.M. Montgomery include books on Montgomery, photocopies of magazine articles written by Montgomery, newspaper clippings, personal letters from Montgomery to her fans, birthplace floor plans, minutes of the Cavendish Literary Society, microfilm copies of Montgomery's PEI scrapbooks, and items relating to the "Island Hymn."

Public Archives and Records Office
PO Box 1000
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 7M4
Telephone: (902) 368-4290

The Anne of Green Gables Museum, Silver Bush

At Silver Bush, Park Corner, you can expect to find the Campbell family home much as Montgomery knew and loved it from her years of visiting there as child and adult. You will remember that she was married there and returned to the old home on every visit back to PEI while she lived in Ontario. This is the house budding architect Hilary Gordon (of the Pat books) called "perfect," and it is obvious from her journals that Montgomery agreed. Inside, the Anne of Green Gables Museum has many family treasures, including the double-doored bookcase from the Macneill homestead (famous from the Anne books), the mantel clock that chimed and the organ that was played at Montgomery's wedding there in 1911, the peridot earrings and necklace that belonged to beloved Campbell cousin Frede, the crazy quilt Montgomery laboured over, the blue chest, and photographs, letters, and first editions. Outside, you will find the Lake of Shining Waters, a grove of silver birches, and an old garden, while across the road you will see Grandfather Montgomery's home and the blue Saint Lawrence gulf. There is much to delight visitors and especially those who know Montgomery's life and works well.

Anne of Green Gables Museum at Silver Bush
Park Corner, Kensington R.R., Prince Edward Island
Telephone: (902) 886-2884/436-7329

The Site of L.M. Montgomery's Cavendish Home

L.M. Montgomery was brought up by her Macneill grandparents in an old-fashioned farmhouse surrounded by apple trees. This was her home for half of her life, from 1876-1911. The site of the farmstead is surrounded by homestead fields, lanes, old trees and gardens, and within sight and sound of the blue ocean. Placards placed about the site give visitors a sense of the author's love for her home, and the inspiration for her writing.

In the Bookstore/Museum are the original pictures of her grandparents (Alexander Marquis Macneill and Lucy Woolner Macneill) and their homestead. The original post office desk, scales, and Crown stamp the author used as assistant postmistress in the Cavendish Post Office which was kept in the porch/kitchen of the house are on display, as well as other artifacts including a spyglass and a porthole from the Marco Polo.

L.M. Montgomery's grandparents are John Macneill's great-grandparents, and their farmland had been passed down to him through the many generations of Macneills. John and his wife Jennie live on this farmland, have opened the site to visitors, and lovingly and carefully tend it.

The Site of L.M. Montgomery's Cavendish Home
c/o John and Jennie Macneill
Cavendish RR#2
Prince Edward Island C0A 1N0
Telephone: (902) 963-2231

The Leaskdale Manse Museum

The Leaskdale Manse, lived in by L.M. Montgomery and the Rev. Ewan Macdonald and their young family from 1911 to 1926, was designated as a Provincial Historic Site in 1965, and a National Historic Site in 1997. The manse was purchased in 1993 by the Municipality of Uxbridge Township, and restoration of it was begun in 2000, after a Parks Canada architectural survey of the site and buildings the previous year. The restoration project of the Leaskdale Manse Museum Committee entails restoring the manse and grounds to the 1911-1925 era when the Macdonalds lived there and furnishing the house in period furniture.

Township of Uxbridge
P.O. Box 190
51 Toronto Street South
Uxbridge, Ontario L9P 1T1
Museum telephone: 905-852-5854
Township telephone: 905-852-9181
Fax: 905-852-9674

Crawford's at Norval

Elaine Crawford, daughter of Marion (Webb) Laird, her husband, Robert, and daughter Kelly Crawford, have L.M. Montgomery's handwritten recipe book. "Aunt Maud," as the Webb-Laird-Crawford family always called Montgomery, gave the book to Anita Webb after Maud had recopied the recipes into another book for herself. In time, the handwritten book became the property of Anita's sister, Marion, and was then given to Marion's daughter, Elaine. In 1996, Elaine Crawford and Kelly Crawford selected recipes from the original recipe book and published them in Aunt Maud's Recipe Book: from the Kitchen of L.M. Montgomery (Norval: Moulin Publishing Ltd.) so that recipes for foods that Montgomery served to her family and friends could be shared with others. Crawford's, a village bakery on the edge of Norval, Ontario, has been owned and operated by Robert and Elaine Crawford since 1967, with the help of their daughter, Kelly. The Crawfords have a collection of letters to and from L.M. Montgomery as well as their Aunt Maud's original cookbook manuscript.

Elaine & Robert Crawford, Kelly Crawford
Crawford's Bakery
2809 Hwy 7 West
P.O. Box #560
Norval, Ontario L0P 1K0
Telephone: (905) 451-0347

Bala's Museum

Bala's Museum with Memories of Lucy Maud Montgomery offers an opportunity to celebrate in the same setting that inspired L.M. Montgomery to write The Blue Castle after a 1922 mid-summer holiday on the Moon River. Jack Hutton and Linda Jackson-Hutton have lovingly restored the old tourist home where L.M. Montgomery and her family had their meals, and delight in telling visitors about the author's Muskoka connection. Opened in 1992, the museum is now an international site, visited by more than 47,000 people representing 30 nationalities. The exhibits include one of the world's best collections of L.M. Montgomery's 22 books, photocopies of her Bala diary, Maud's silver tea set given to her as a wedding present in Cavendish, and surprising artifacts like rare Sunday school papers from the 1930s in which Anne of Ingleside is serialized.

Bala's Museum
P.O. Box 14
Bala, Ontario P0C 1A0
Telephone: 1-888-249-4834

The Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace

The Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace is situated in the village of New London, Prince Edward Island, on Route 6, overlooking New London Harbour and the long Cavendish sandspit. The house was restored to its original condition and is furnished according to the period of the author's birth. There are some original furnishings in the house, including a Franklin stove and an organ belonging to a member of the Montgomery family. A curator is in attendance at the Birthplace to welcome guests and guide them to the room where Lucy Maud Montgomery was born and to show the scrapbooks depicting her personal life as a student at Prince of Wales College and as a teacher, albums of her early writings and poems, photographs, pictures, and family documents, as well as the author's wedding dress, veil, and shoes. (A replica of the wedding dress is being made in 2002 for future display so that the fragile original may be safely preserved.)

Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace
Clifton Corner
New London, Prince Edward Island
Telephone: (902) 886-2099/436-7329

The Bideford Parsonage Museum

A group of concerned residents saved a privately-owned home where twenty-year-old L.M. Montgomery boarded in 1894-95 while she taught at the one-room Bideford school, a short walk down the road from the house. From her large upstairs room in Reverend and Mrs. Estey's house, Montgomery could look out over Malpeque Bay. She wrote in her journals that she enjoyed her walks along the nearby Bideford shore. In 1999, the building was slated to be cut into pieces and transported to Cavendish, where it was to become part of a tourist village. A group of Bideford residents began a campaign to keep the house in its original location, and succeeded in doing so.

The house was built circa 1870 for Thomas H. Pope, an accountant and telegraph operator. Pope sold the house to the Methodist Church to use as their parsonage. In 1925, the house became a United Church Manse, and remained as such until 1972, when the house was sold as a private residence. In 1999, the home was purchased by the Tyne Valley and Area Development Corporation in partnership with the West Country Historical Society Inc. The West Country Historical Society began restoration of the building in order to open it to the public as the Bideford Parsonage Museum.

A stone-cairn monument was erected in 1977 on the ground where the No. 6 Bideford School once stood, the one-room school where L.M. Montgomery taught from 1894-95.

Bideford Parsonage Museum
West Country Historical Society Inc.
P.O. Box 11
Ellerslie, P.E.I. C0B 1J0
Telephone: (902) 831-2817

Lucy Maud Montgomery Heritage Museum, Park Corner

The Lucy Maud Montgomery Heritage Museum was the home of author Lucy Maud Montgomery's grandfather, Senator Donald Montgomery, and is believed by some to be the setting for "Ingleside" in the author's Anne of Green Gables series. The home was built in 1877 and is still owned by the Montgomery family.

"Grandfather Montgomery" was much beloved by his granddaughter and she spent a great deal of time with him at this home and wrote some of her poems and stories in the upstairs bedroom that still contains the furnishings she used. It was from this home that young Maud and her grandfather left to journey to Hugh John's home in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, in August 1890.

The home is full of Montgomery family heirlooms that Montgomery knew and wrote about in her books and stories, including Grandmother Montgomery's rose-bud tea set, "Magog," the surviving twin of the pair of green-spotted china dogs, and the 18th-century English grandfather clock. Also displayed are first editions of Montgomery's books, some signed by the author, family photographs, the Montgomery family Bible, and original furnishings.

Lucy Maud Montgomery Heritage Museum
Park Corner, Prince Edward Island
Telephone (902) 886-2807/2752

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