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1874 Born Nov. 30, Clifton, Prince Edward Island
1876 Mother, Clara Macneill Montgomery dies of tuberculosis
1883 Wreck of the ship the Marco Polo in Cavendish
1890-91 Trip to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan to visit LMM's father and new wife
1893-94 Attends Prince of Wales College and earns First Class Teacher's licence
1894-95 Teaches school in Bideford, PEI
1895-96 Attends Dalhousie University in Halifax
1896-97 Teaches in Belmont, PEI and becomes engaged to Edwin Simpson, a cousin
1897-98 Teaches in Lower Bedeque, PEI; falls in love with Herman Leard; breaks engagement to Simpson; Returns to Cavendish to live with Grandmother Macneill when Grandfather dies
1901-02 Works as newspaperwoman on Daily Echo in Halifax
1902 Begins a life-long correspondence with Ephraim Weber; becomes close friends with cousin Frede Campbell and with Cavendish teacher Nora Lefurgey
1903 Ewan Macdonald becomes Presbyterian minister in Cavendish; begins life-long correspondence with George Boyd MacMillan
1906 Secretly engaged to Ewan Macdonald, who leaves to study in Scotland where he meets MacMillan
1908 Publication of the best selling Anne of Green Gables
1909 Anne of Avonlea
1910 Kilmeny of the Orchard; Macdonald accepts parish in Leaskdale, Ontario; LMM meets Earl and Lady Grey in September; in November travels to Boston to meet her publisher, L.C. Page
1911 The Story Girl; Grandmother Macneill dies; marries Ewan Macdonald at Park Corner on 5 July; honeymoons in Scotland and England for three months; home to Leaskdale, Ontario
1912 Chronicles of Avonlea; Chester Cameron born July 7th
1913 The Golden Road; trip to PEI
1914 First World War is declared; Hugh Alexander dies at birth on 13th August
1915 Anne of the Island; Ewan Stuart born October 7th
1916 The Watchman and Other Poems
1917 Anne's House of Dreams; polls her first vote
1918 First World War ends; LMM suffers Spanish flu; goes to PEI to help nurse sick at Park Corner
1919 Frede Campbell Macfarlane dies of Spanish flu in Montreal; Ewan suffers a nervous breakdown; Rainbow Valley; LMM sells rights for Anne of Green Gables to Page who sells movie rights immediately
1920 Further Chronicles of Avonlea published illegally LMM begins eight-year lawsuit with Page Co.; Rilla of Ingleside
1922 Car accident in Zephyr and Ewan is sued and refuses to pay; trip to Muskoka
1923 Emily of New Moon; LMM first Canadian woman to become Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in Britain
1925 Emily Climbs; Church Union vote in Canada
1926 The Blue Castle; move to Norval, Ontario
1927 Emily's Quest; presented to the Prince of Wales
1928 Nora Lefurgey Campbell reappears in LMM's life and lives in a Toronto flat
1929 Magic for Marigold; stock market crash affects LMM's finances
1930 Goes to Prince Albert to rekindle 1890's friendships
1931 A Tangled Web
1933 Pat of Silver Bush
1934 Chester and Luella's baby Luella is born; Courageous Women
1935 Mistress Pat; LMM elected to Literary and Artistic Institute of France; moves to 210 Riverside Drive, Toronto("Journey's End"); Officer of the Order of the British Empire
1936 Anne of Windy Poplars; Cavendish chosen as site for National Park on Prince Edward Island
1937 Green Gables site opens in Cavendish; Jane of Lantern Hill
1939 Anne of Ingleside; last visit to PEI
1942 Dies on 24 April; lies in state at Green Gables and is buried in Cavendish Cemetery (where Ewan Macdonald joins her one year later)


For an excellent detailed chronology, see Selected Journals, IV: 427-430.

For an illustrated chronology, see the CD-ROM The Bend in the Road: An Invitation to the World and Work of L.M. Montgomery, available through the L.M. Montgomery Institute: www.lmmontgomery.ca

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