Bande titre Images d'une vie canadienne: cahiers de coupures personnels et pages couvertures de livres de L.M. Montgomery
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Nom de l'objet souvenir 
Type d'objet  
Nom de l'artiste / fabricant Montgomery, L. M.     Lefurgey, Nora 
Description Green square of paper folded into triangles, adorned with a pink ribbon, and inscribed with quotations. The unfolded square reveals more inscriptions and a cyanotype. 
Texte This intricately folded and inscribed piece of paper is a detailed souvenir of the friendship between L. M. Montgomery and Nora Lefurgey. Dated November 4, 1902, and created at "Lefurgey's Roost," it contains many quotations, which are inside jokes between the two friends, and features a cyanotype of Nora on the inside. 
Date  1902-11-04 
Source Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace and Confederation Centre Art Gallery and Museum 
Matériel paper; ribbon
Inscriptions There's times you knows you mightent --- [outside, top]; "And there's times you think you might." Kipling [outside, bottom]; Tuesday Nov 4 1902 [outside, left]; Lefurgey's Roost Cavendish P.E.I [outside, right]; "How long does it take you to climb over a fence -- Oh, less than a week!" [inside, top]; "All's well that ends well" [inside, bottom]; "can you play whist -- on the bed? There's no special knack about it. [inside, left]; "Let him that thinketh he sleepeth take heed lest he wake" [inside, right]; "Screwveneer"|"Hark from the tombs a doleful sound!"|There's two slides to everything|Don't forget to draw the slide|It's in this poor human critter but|she can't get it out" [inside, centre] 
No. de l'image numérique CM_67_5_12p10_C.jpg 
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