Bande titre Images d'une vie canadienne: cahiers de coupures personnels et pages couvertures de livres de L.M. Montgomery
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Nom de l'objet magazine clipping 
Type d'objet typographic 
Nom de l'artiste / fabricant      
Description Magazine clipping of a poem. 
Texte Montgomery likely found this poem amusing becuse of her work with the Halifax Daily Echo from 1901-1902, where she performed a wide variety of tasks from proof-reader to columnist. One of Montgomery's odd jobs was to write up the conclusion to a serial story being copied from an English newspaper because compositors had lost the ending. 
Source Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace and Confederation Centre Art Gallery and Museum 
Matériel paper
No. de l'image numérique CM_67_5_12p34_F.jpg 
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