Bande titre Images d'une vie canadienne: cahiers de coupures personnels et pages couvertures de livres de L.M. Montgomery
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Nom de l'objet newspaper clipping 
Type d'objet photograph 
Nom de l'artiste / fabricant      
Description Newspaper clipping of an oval portrait of a man. 
Texte Cecil John Rhodes, English statesman and business magnate, spent most of his life in Africa, where he made his fortune in the diamond mines of Kimberley, and where he was parliamentarian and then prime minister in Cape Colony. Montgomery, no doubt, clipped this portrait of Rhodes and placed it among clippings related to Earl Grey because of the connection between the two men. They were close friends. Earl Grey served on the first Board of Trustees when the Rhodes Scholarships were established in 1907; it was Earl Grey who inaugurated the Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town, South Africa, on July 5, 1912, ten years after Rhodes' death. 
Source McLaughlin Library, University of Guelph 
Matériel newsprint
No. de l'image numérique red1_2_E.jpg 
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