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Object Name book jacket 
Object Type typographic 
Title The Watchman|and other poems|by L.M. Montgomery|Author of "Anne of Green Gables, etc.|Those familiar with Miss Montgomery's work as|novelist, are not surprised that she has also written|a volume of poetry. One with her joyous outlook on|life, vivid imagination, instinct for words and faci-|lity in expression, could not help being a poet. More|than that, she has lived nearly all her life in Prince|Edward Island, where the fairies are said to live. In|truth, Miss Montgomery was a poet long before she|began to write prose; indeed, it is doubtful if she has|ever been anything else, for Anne Shirley is essentially|a creature of sentiment, of imagination, and of those|qualities of heart and brain which are the products|of the poetic mind. Her verse is quite as prefect as|her prose, though without its human touch; and her|lyrics, especially those dealing with the smiling as-|pects of her native province, its fragrant fields of red|earth and the "blue sea coming up on every side,"|are of rare quality, delicate, lilting and full of music.|From "Canadian Poets."|McCLELLAND, GOODCHILD & STEWART, Limited|PUBLISHERS : : : : : TORONTO 
Artist/Maker Name      
Description Light blue book jacket with dark blue text. 
Date  1916-01-01 
Publisher McClelland, Goodchild & Stewart: Toronto 
Source National Library of Canada 
Material paper
Digital image ID 6263899_1.jpg 
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